Guide to Pompeii and Naples Italy

Guide to Pompeii and Naples Italy

Guide to Pompeii & Naples Italy

pompeii naples italy

Naples Italy is about as Italian as it gets. A bustling, vibrant city, with rich cultural roots and some of the best food on Earth. Napoli is the home of pizza, colorful people, and my favorite espresso in the world. Pompeii, the ancient city that was buried under volcanic ash, is located about 30 minutes Southeast of Naples. Pompeii is easy to reach and must-do when visiting Naples. In Italian, Naples is called Napoli, and Pompeii is spelled with one ‘i’. Naples is my fatherland and when i’m there, I feel right at home amongst the lovable chaos.

Naples is 3 hours south of Rome, and is an amazing place to be eco-friendly. You can walk and explore for days on foot and never get bored. Naples and Pompeii Italy are both fantastic places to take in the Neapolitan experience, and eat incredible dishes with funny, kind people.

Naples is a very misunderstood part of Italy, and although it has a reputation for crime and mafia, it’s just as safe as other parts of Italy if you keep your wits about you. Naples is confrontation and loud for sure, and is somewhere that you want to keep your eyes open, and purse or wallet small and close to your body. Don’t let Naple’s old reputation defer you; It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, and current mayors have increased police presence to increase safety.

Think happy chaos in the streets, buckets being raised up on strings to make life easier for delivery boys, children running and laughing in the streets. Families making full use of their balconies, hanging their laundry and watching the city buzz from above. You’ll see many shops selling cornicello’s, a symbol of protections for Italians which looks like a chili pepper, but is actually a horn. Naples it is a city filled fun-loving people, laughter, and hospitality.

Pompeii is in the province of Naples, Italy, and is a must-do when visiting. Pompeii lies about 14 miles out at the base of Mt. Vesuvius, and you can get there by buses which run every half hour from Naples. Here you can take a trip down memory lane and take an incredible tour of the ancient city and people who were petrified and preserved with ash and plaster.




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