The Ultimate Naples Italy Travel Guide

The Ultimate Naples Italy Travel Guide

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espresso in naples Italy
The delicious espresso and treats of Naples.

Naples, Italy is about as Italian as it gets. In this ultimate travel guide to Naples, i’ll share some of the best parts of the bustling, vibrant city. Naples has rich cultural roots and some of the best food on Earth. The point of this guide is to help you plan the perfect trip there. Napoli is the home of pizza, colorful people, and my favorite espresso in the world.

This guide will cover where to stay, where to eat, and what to do so you can travel Naples like a local. I want you to experience all it has to offer. Pompeii, the ancient city that was buried under volcanic ash, is located about 30 minutes Southeast of Naples. Pompeii is easy to reach and must-do when you travel Naples. I’ll have another blog out specifically about visiting Pompeii soon.

Naples is my fatherland and I feel right at home amongst the lovable chaos when traveling there. If you’ve always wanted to try Neapolitan pizza, espresso, and gelato, this travel guide to Naples is just for you!

Naples Italy

To travel to Naples, head 3 hours south of Rome. It is an amazing place to be eco-friendly. You can walk and explore for days on foot, and never get bored. I advise staying downtown when you travel Naples so that you can be around all of the fantastic food, and hilarious people.

A truly fantastic way to take in the Italian experience is to travel Naples for at least a few days. You will eat incredible dishes around colorful, funny, and kind humans. Neapolitan people know how to have a good time, and enjoy life.

Is Naples Safe?:

Naples is a very misunderstood part of Italy. When you think of it you may think of its reputation for crime and mafia. But it is just as safe to travel Naples as it is in other parts of Italy. It’s helpful to have read a Naples travel guide first, to get you ready and accustomed to the area.

Keep your wits about you when you travel Naples; When you’re walking in town, when you’re alone, and in general. Naples is a loud and confrontation place, and it’s always a good idea to keep your purse or wallet small and close to your body.

That being said, don’t let it’s old reputation defer you from traveling to Naples. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, and current mayors have increased police presence to increase safety in the city.


Statue in Naples Italy
Downtown Naples

When you imagine traveling to Naples, think happy chaos. There are buckets being raised up on strings to make life easier for delivery boys, and children laughing in the streets. Families make full use of their balconies, where they hang their laundry to dry and watch the city buzz from above.

One special Neapolitan aspect I want to cover in this guide to Naples is the cornicello.

You’ll see many shops selling cornicellos when you travel Naples. They are a symbol of protection for Italians from the evil eye, or bad luck. The horn looks like a chili pepper, but is actually a horn modeled after an animal.

Naples it is a city filled with fun-loving people, laughter, and hospitality, and the cornicello is a symbol of luck for Neapolitan people.

Where to Stay:

There are many options for where to stay when you are traveling in Naples.

My recommendation for the best location to stay in when you travel in Naples is in Via Toledo. That is the bustling heart of town. This keeps you close to all of the buzz and action in the city. You can walk and explore on foot without needing a rental car, or public transportation.

I recommend staying at a Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the city. There are taxis waiting at the airport that will drop you off downtown.

Recommended Bed & Breakfast:

I suggest staying at a BnB, and my friend happens to run a very beautiful one, called Taggarb BnB. I recommend staying at Taggarb for many reasons, including the gorgeous views, the amazing people, and the cleanliness of the bed and breakfast itself.

You can check out Taggarb’s instagram here to see pictures of their beautiful view, overlooking Mt. Vesuvius.

You can click here to book, or read positive reviews from those who have stayed at Taggarb when traveling in Naples. They have a sun roof, and gorgeous view overlooking the volcano across the whole skyline.

On their instagram you can also view the options for rooms to stay in while you visit Naples. This is my main recommendation for this guide to traveling in Naples and enjoying your stay. There are many
Bed and Breakfast locations that you can choose from.

Benefits of this Bnb:

At Taggarb Bnb, you get a gourmet breakfast with multiple options, and local Neapolitan espresso made in the famous Neapolitan moka pot. They always have amazing hospitality, with clean rooms and kind people to help you.

They also go above and beyond to speak to you in English if you don’t speak Italian, and help you plan your way to travel Naples and explore with ease. To see pictures from a collaborative stay I did with Taggarb BnB, click here.

Where to Eat:

Naples is famous for their folded pizza. It is truly unlike any pizza elsewhere in the world, when you travel Naples you are in true pizza heaven. Pizza was invented in Naples by Emma Margherita, and the spirit certainly lives on in every bite. I can’t even describe in words how delicious and special this pizza is, guys.

When you visit Naples, I recommend eating at Pizzeria la Michele. It is located right the heart of Naples.

I also recommend trying Pizzeria di Matteo located at via dei Tribunali. Be prepared for a wait to get your pizza, they make them fresh, and it is worth the wait and every penny.


For other food, I recommend stopping by Naples’ eclectic fish markets, where the fish is so fresh most of it is alive. There you will find singing merchants who are loud and good humored, and kids playing all around.

If you want to eat truly delicious and local vegan food when you travel Naples, try Vero Gastrobar. They make incredible dishes, that were some of the tastiest meals i’ve ever eaten. They also have incredible wine, and a lovely atmosphere. It is worth noting that I don’t drink at all when I am in the states, but in Italy it is a must try!

Naples delicious cuisine is unmatched. You can’t travel in Naples without having a Sfogliatelle. It’s a famous Neapolitan pastry with flaky crust. Inside is ricotta cheese, and a hint of orange, served warm. You can ask for Sfogliatelle at almost every coffee shop, which are every few blocks in the city.

If there’s one thing I need to mention in the ultimate guide to traveling in Naples, it’s the espresso. Coffee shops in Naples are extremely easy to come by, and the espresso is a way of life. Unlike in America, coffee in Italy is served in small, strong portions.

Naples is famous for its espresso, and it is served piping hot and bitter. It’s something you must try once in your life! If you are Neapolitan like me, you grew up on it. First they serve you a glass of water, in a small glass. When they see you have finished it, they will put out the espresso for you.

I really appreciate their efforts to hydrate us, when drinking a strong shot of espresso. My recommendation for espresso shops to try when you travel Naples is Leopoldo’s downtown (there are many locations of them), and the Mexico Bar in Dante Square.

What to do when you stay in Napoli:

I highly recommend walking through historic Napoli. You can explore it through the street Spaccanapoli. It means “split Naples” in Italian. This street will guide you to see beautiful Italian architecture, and tons of Italian spots to eat and hear music.

There are many churches in the colorful old city, great archeological museums, and tons of street art to take in when you travel Naples and walk through the streets.

Where to sightsee :

As mentioned earlier, if you travel Naples, it’s a must-do to visit Pompeii. It’s just a short bus or train ride away. The ancient city is filled with colors and textures to see, as if it was frozen in time. The petrified people are also incredible to witness.

When you travel Naples, visit Lungomare and Castel Ovo. It’s the oldest castle in Naples. Another great place to see is the Catacombs of San Gennaro. These were built in the 5th century and are beautiful.

Naples is a gorgeous, special and unique city that you must visit once in your life. It has incredible people, some of the best food in the world, and is an amazing place to stay to get a taste of the real Italian experience. I highly recommend to visit and travel Naples when you plan a trip to Italy.

Tons of love and Ciao for now,


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