The Equus Hotel Waikiki

The Equus Hotel Waikiki

Equus Hotel

Visiting Honolulu, Hawai’i is an amazing experience, where you enjoy a big city on a paradisiacal island. Many people visit Waikiki each year for vacation. It has become even more popular as the perfect tourist destination, especially with hotels open during the pandemic. The Equus Hotel Waikiki is the perfect little getaway in the city.

Amongst the chaos, a quiet getaway called the Equus Hotel offers guests amazing hospitality and a real taste of Aloha. The Equus is the only family-owned hotel in Waikiki. It is also the only green-initiative hotel in the city. This means they not only care about their guests, but they are environmentally friendly.

The Equus in Waikiki is a clean, Equestrian themed boutique hotel. It is the perfect retreat from the busy city, where you can enjoy their efforts to keep Hawai’i green. The hotel is decorated with vintage photographs of the old Paniolo cowboys. It has as a feel that reminds you of home. The staff is helpful, kind, and treat you like family.

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Amenities at the Equus Hotel

The Equus goes above and beyond to use sustainable practices and be eco-friendly. All coffee is complimentary and organic in each room. They have cozy outdoor patios with chairs to sit, and clean rooms with warm light. Each room has Earth Tempo- biodegradable amenities, and a flat screen LCD HDTV. The rooms are perfectly cool even in the hot Hawaiian summer.

Each room at the Equus hotel gets a stainless steel refrigerator and ultra quiet split-air systems. High speed internet is also included. When you stay at the Equus you get complimentary Sunday Polo Tickets to their other family business. It’s called the Hawaii Polo Club on the North Shore of O’ahu.

Supporting local family-owned is essential to reducing air and water pollution. It improves the overall wellness of the local community.

The Equus Hotel has a beautiful pool which is kept very clean. It is surrounded by lounge chairs to relax in, and is conveniently located by their new cafe and bar.

Pool at the Equus Hotel

Dining at the Equus Hotel

One of the best parts about the Equus Hotel is the outdoor lanai Paniolo Bar & Café. They not only serve amazing local coffee drinks and cocktails, but they combine the two in drinks like the Espresso Martini.

The Equus Waikiki has a variety of breakfast choices like fresh tropical fruit, and bagels with lox. Sandwiches are also available for lunch from the panini press. You know I enjoy that delicious snacks are served all day!

Every Friday from 6 to 8pm the Equus Hotel Waikiki has local music with pau hana (after-work) specials. They play great music and have a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Booking at The Equus Hotel

You can book your relaxing getaway on the Equus’ site here. Their full dining menu as well as different room options are on their site as well.

You will get a look at how kind their staff is (we took a selfie). They are extremely helpful, and will do their best to accommodate all of your needs.

I highly recommend booking a stay at the The Equus Hotel Waikiki. They have a phenomenal staff, clean rooms, an amazing cafe, and are located right in the heart of the city. They are the only family owned and green initiative hotel in Waikiki. It’s the perfect place to get away and feel the aloha.

Visiting Hawai’i is always worth it!

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