Practicing Grounding

Practicing Grounding

Grounding at the beach

It can be easy to be thrown off balance during these chaotic times. It is our responsibility to ourselves, to take care of our mind, body and spirit. Practicing grounding is especially important, to keep us rooted in our truth. Practicing grounding has many proven benefits such as pain reduction and improved mood. Click here to read on Healthline about how grounding, which is also called Earthing, entails electrical charges from the Earth having a positive impact on our health.

This will be a list of my top ten favorite grounding techniques. I hope you’ll give them a try, and see how your body responds.

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Practicing Grounding in 10 easy ways:

1. Get barefoot outside.

It doesn’t matter if you go into the forest, or into the sand. Even outside to feel the breeze or sunshine on your face. It’s proven that if you can get outside, find some grass, or sit against a tree, your mood will improve.

2. Tapping.

Tapping symmetrically at certain points in a rhythmic motion on the face and body is a very special and useful technique used by therapists to help patients relax, process, and calm down. Watch a video on tapping techniques here, and they are extremely useful to ground you into your body.

3. Eat some fresh fruit or vegetables. Root vegetables that were in the dirt are especially helpful.

Eating grounding foods is an excellent way to keep practicing grounding yourself on a daily basis. Eating healthy fruits and veggies not only gives us the nutrients and happy chemicals we need to keep our bodies functioning properly, but they activate all of our senses as well. Click here to read about some of the healthiest fruits for our bodies.

4. Move your body.

Stretching, moving around, exercising, and dancing are all ways to get your body moving. This movement, whether gentle or intense, will release endorphins in your body. Moving your body will increase your mind-body connection, reduce inflammation, and release stress.

5. Meditate, or sit quietly and notice your breath.

Put on some meditation music and just simply sit. All thoughts that arise, let them pass by like clouds. Think of just blackness, and try not to think at all. Just be, and notice how your body heals itself in the silence. In the quiet, nothingness, the body finds a deep healing peace. A regenerative energy, that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. Don’t try to change your breath. Simply breathe in and out as your body does without you trying, and just notice it. Be appreciative for the breath that keeps you alive.

Earthing in the forest

6. Make a gratitude list.

Being grateful is an amazing way to practice grounding. It reminds you of all the blessings already present in your life. Practice mantras for health and gratitude. Click here to read about how to practice mantras to improve your health.

7. Listen to music and sing.

When you sing along to music, you oxygenate your body. This allows stagnant energy to leave your field and bring you fresh energy and breath. Move your emotions through with music, and sing loudly. Release what you’ve been storing that you no longer need.

8. Use the elements.

Air, fire, water, and Earth are primordial ways to ground back to your center and feel calm. Make a controlled fire and participate in keeping it burning. Submerse yourself in a shower, bath, lake, river, or the ocean, and thank the water. Feel gratitude for the wind, and air around you. Plant some flowers or trees and get your hands in the dirt.

9. Become in tune with the Sun.

Rise before the sun, sit with the sun mid-day, and watch the sun set. This is an incredibly powerful tool used by many healers and teachers to stay grounded.

10. Learn the stars.

One of my favorite ways to stay grounded is to chart the stars. Sit with them, learn their names, watch them move across the sky. Becoming in touch with something so great reminds us that we are a part of a beautiful, interconnected reality.

Get Out of Your Own Way

A lot of the time, we let the chaos and conditioning of society get to us. The solution of grounding is similar to when Superman’s parents tell him in the movie Man of Steel when he is overwhelmed by Earth, “focus on my voice, my voice is an island.”

Practicing grounding yourself is a way of life. It’s a path to peace, to your own little island retreat from the world. When you are in charge of your peace, no one can take it from you. Stay humble, and stay grounded, my friends. You are so loved.

As always, I hope this was helpful for you. Comment and let me know your other favourite grounding techniques to practice, or if you try any of my favorites.

All my love,



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