Loquat Syrup Recipe for Lungs

Loquat Syrup Recipe for Lungs

Loquats are a small, orange fruit with a sweet and mildly tangy taste. They have a variety of health benefits including vitamin A, B1, B2, calcium and phosphorus. One of the main benefits of loquat syrup is the ability to help the lungs. In traditional Chinese herbalism, they have been using loquat syrup to treat the lungs medicinally for centuries.

Loquats can be made into a tea, can be used for cooking, and there are various recipes which include using the fruit, and/or the leaves to make syrup. The fruit is not only delicious, but highly medicinal. They get darker orange as they ripen. Today I will be showing you how easy it is to make loquat syrup.

Loquats grow here where I live in Hawai’i, and I always make sure to harvest sustainably. Make sure not to harm growth of the plant when you collect them. If you can’t find loquats locally, you can order a tree online here. Loquat shrubs prefer high elevations and are traditionally cultivated as an ornamental plant.

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How to Make Loquat Syrup with The Fruit:

  1. Gather your bunch of loquats and wash them. I use a water/vinegar mixture to clean my produce. You can remove the pits from the fruit (always wash, dry and save them) now or later. To make the loquat syrup the pits are not necessary.
    2. Bring the loquats to a high boil, and then reduce them and let simmer. Stir occasionally and make sure it doesn’t stick. Keep enough water in the pot to create a liquid syrup. When they become very mushy, the fruit and skin will melt down together and be very soft. Keep stirring.
    3. Strain the pits if you chose to leave them in earlier. Strain the solids from the syrup and put it back on the stove on low.
    4. Add honey and mix it in with the syrup to thicken. Sugar can be used here too.
    5. Mix and store in a clean jar in the fridge. Take one tablespoon per day to support healthy lungs.



How to Make Loquat Syrup with the Leaves:

1. Cut your leaves down into smaller portions that are relatively even in size. Wash them in a strainer.
2. Bring leaves to a boil and then reduce heat. Let the leaves cook into the water until the water turns a darker color, maybe 15-20 minutes. Add water if needed so it doesn’t dry up too much to actually make the loquat syrup.

3. When the water changes color, strain the leaves.
4. Return the loquat leaf water to the pot and put it on low for a moment or so.

5. Mix in desired amount of honey until it thickens. Store in a clean jar in the fridge and take a tablespoon per day to support healthy lungs.




That’s it, my friends! It is that simple to make amazing and medicinal loquat syrup. Let me know how it goes if you try it!

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  1. Savy
    May 14, 2021 / 12:38 am

    I love your recipes dude! They’re super natural and good for you and has HELLA info. I love love love it. Thanks for being you.

    • May 18, 2021 / 7:15 pm

      I am so, so happy to hear this, Savvy!! Thank you so much for tuning in <3

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