How to Go Viral on Tiktok

How to Go Viral on Tiktok

Tiktok is an ever-flowing platform, where it is very easy to get your content out to large amounts of people. When considering how to go viral on Tiktok, keep in mind that you need to niche, niche, niche!

It is a common misconception that you need to show your own face, or dance well to go viral on Tiktok. This is simply not true. Here is an example; This is a page I made for my kitten Alfie. I show off how cute he is, and I shared the journey of finding him on the side of the road.

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How Do I Profit off of Tiktok?:

When you reach 10k followers, Tiktok allows you to join what’s called the ‘Tiktok Creator Fund’, where the company itself starts to pay you. Tiktok pays you directly through the app for views on your videos. As you can see below, in just a few months the account I made for my kitten, Alfie, went viral. One video alone has over 2 million views. You can view Alfie’s page here.

The first and major tip I have on how to go viral on Tiktok is to niche down. You want to let the algorithm know that you have chosen one topic, and you are sticking to it. You will then be rewarded.

When it comes to my kitten’s page, the algorithm and his fans know exactly what to expect. Creating predictability creates a sense of soothing for people, because they know what kind of content they will get when they come to view your page.

Components of How to Go Viral on Tiktok:

  1. Use trending ideas.Tiktok is a platform that rewards you for taking a viral concept, and putting your own spin on it. It is unlike Instagram where you have to create your own ideas. On Tiktok, everyone copies eachother’s ideas and re-makes them with their own special twist. This can mean lip syncing to someone else’s audio, or doing someone’s dance.2. Use trending sounds.Tiktok has given users access to create sounds, reuse sounds, and save other people’s sounds to sing and dance to. Use the sounds under the ‘viral’ category to be seen. You can even leave original audio on videos, mixed with a chosen song that you add.3. Use transitions.Transitions are an easy way to improve your Tiktok videos. You can learn how to use them here.

    Posting and Attracting Audience on Tiktok:

    4. Post regularly.

    It’s important to remember to post everyday, with high quality content, when looking at how to go viral on Tiktok.

    5. Connect with your audience.

    Remember the golden rule with any social media platform, no matter how many followers you have, treat them like gold. Answer all comments, engage them with a call to action, and be genuine.

    How Long Does it Take to Go Viral?

Tiktok is the easiest platform to go viral on in 2021. It can happen literally in hours, or overnight. You can use current hashtags like “FYP” meaning ‘the for you page’, where trending videos live. Use hashtags that are relevant to your content and niche, and always try different ones to mix it up.

I have seen people gain over a million followers or views in just a few hours. Take advantage of this platform while it is still new and easy to grow your audience.

Using Tiktok as a Platform:

Remember that whatever content you interact with (like, comment, share) the algorithm will show you more of. On my kitten’s account, for example, I interact with other cat videos. This has helped me grow my niched community and develop fans who are interested in seeing kitten content.

Overall, create consistent, high quality content that is always related to your niche. Connect with others and have fun! Be original, silly, educational, or use trending dances. Add music and trending sounds, and post as often as you can without compromising the quality of your work.

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