Four Wheeling in Hawai’i

Four Wheeling in Hawai’i

If you have ever wondered if we ride four wheelers here in Hawai’i, the answer is yes! We go four wheeling in Hawai’i all the time.

It is important to stay on the designated trails, to preserve indigenous plant life. Always bring an extra bag to pick up trash along the way, and leave the trails better than when you came.

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Where Are the Trails?

There are a variety of places to go four wheeling on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Although I am sure there are great trails on all of the islands, this post is going to focus on the Big Island.

You can find a variety of different kinds of trails to ride here, including to the beach, or to the mountain. There are designated trails (you can get a permit to ride) on the slopes on Mauna Kea. If you are not familiar with Mauna Kea, it is the Big Island of Hawai’i’s massive, sacred volcano. It is dormant, and provides other worldly paths/terrain.

It changes weather frequently so I suggest dressing in layers if you are going to go riding on the mountain. It’s truly breath taking and incredible to see all of the greenery and magic of the island while four wheeling on Mauna Kea.

Path to The Beach:

There is a road called “Road to The Sea” on the South part of the Big Island. This is an amazing place to go four wheeling in Hawai’i. The paths are completely made of lava rock, so you want to make sure you are prepared to ride such rough terrain.

At some points it may be hard to get over the rocks with two people riding, so one may need to get off and walk over a few simple parts. It will just be easier for one person to ride over the few rough sections, but it is so worth it.

About the Beach Paths:

These paths lead to some of the most untouched, gorgeous black and green sand beaches in the world. The beaches contain a semi-precious stone called Olivine, which creates green crystals in the sand. This is a result of the high heat from the volcano mixing with the rock. Hawaiians historically regard this green sand as “Pele’s Tears”. Pele is the creation Goddess here in Hawai’i of passion, volcanoes, fire, and volatility, and the lava rock is regarded as her sacred body which shapes the land.

Always ride four wheelers with a great deal of reverence and respect, to Pele, and to the land. As long as you are respectful and diligent to stay on the trails, you will have the time of your life four wheeling in Hawai’i.

To see a full length video of what it is like to go four wheeling on Hawai’i, click here:

4 Wheeling Lava Trails to Green/Black Sand Beach

This is my youtube video where I take you along with us each step of the way, riding through the lava trails. We start at the trails behind our home, and end up at the gorgeous black sand beaches with our friends.

If you get the chance to go four wheeling on Hawai’i, do not be scared. Definitely take the opportunity, as it has been eye-opening and life changing for me.

As always, have fun and be safe!

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