Forgiveness is an Attribute of the Strong

Forgiveness is an Attribute of the Strong

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A Note on Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong because it entails not harboring resentments and grievances.

“Forgiveness is where you try to take something back”-Abraham Hicks. Imagine something happens in your life, and it makes you feel just crappy. So you steer off on a rampage, and get off balance. Well, the truth is, your deepest inner being didn’t go on that rampage with your thinking mind. If you truly want that vibration of being off-balance to stop existing within you, no longer offer the vibration of that chaos in your inner being. Write a gratitude list and count your blessings. Go hike in nature, or sit in stillness and appreciate your breath. It turns out that forgiveness doesn’t have to do with the other person. It’s about not keeping it active within you, replaying over and over, and instead getting into alignment.

When you cast judgement and push against reality, you are keeping yourself from your natural state of peace. It’s hard, but when you let go of the discordant thought that keeps you from your joy, that is forgiveness.

Don’t Forgive for Them, Forgive for You.

When you let go of what action has hurt you, don’t do it for them, do it for you. Then as a result, they will receive the benefit as well. It damages yourself when you keep the grudge and painful emotions in your body. When you resist, or pull on a rope, you fray it. You can find a lot of excuses not to feel good, but essentially your own guidance system will lead you back to normality. Focus on getting your own inner being aligned, with your vibration of gratitude. The more you resist the problem, it really is true, it will persist.

Click here to see more on The Nature of Forgiveness and Compassion, with Eckhart Tolle.

Leaning into a Wound to Heal:

Allowing yourself to really feel it is also key. This means crying it out, screaming off a mountain, whatever will release it from your body. But do not dwell there, sweet one. Allow it to run its course and float by like a cloud. Stored anger, pain, fear, and guilt become illness when stored long term in your body. Storing negative emotions throws our equilibrium off, but that doesn’t mean to spiritually bypass your pain. Your pain is true, and valid. It is there for you to experience in full, and let go of. The lessons will appear later in time.

To assist in your journey of forgiveness and well-being, you can practice mantras for health. Repeating these positive phrases of affirmation and gratitude will help you discover that sense of peace within you.

Gratitude: The Gift of Forgiveness

When you find gratitude for any experience or person, it leads you to alignment and towards forgiveness. That feels good for all of us. Deep down we desire for alignment with others, and feel empty when we don’t find it. This is a reminder to you, and to myself: Do not look for love in the wrong places. Maintain the primary connection with your inner self. Remain grateful so you feel worthy, within yourself. When you find forgiveness for someone, again, be grateful.

In Conclusion,

We are the creators of our reality and our thoughts are powerful. We cannot establish a peaceful, joyful vibration while holding on to resentment against others. Things will not get better by controlling the environment or trying to boss others around.

Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong because it takes courage to make that decision for yourself. To not dwell in pain, shame, guilt, or anger.

Forgiveness is a state of connectedness, where we can let go of the pain or shame that happened on the level of the form. From this state of connectedness we can see from a dimension that is beyond what can be injured. This is the place beyond pain. If you want to read one of my favorite beautiful Buddhist books on this topic, “The Island” beyond good and bad, click here.

As always, I hope this was helpful. Let me know in the comments what you have found works for you, in your forgiveness process.

All my love,




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