Eating Soursop to Prevent Cancer

Eating Soursop to Prevent Cancer

Soursop, also called graviola or guyabano, is a large green fruit that is endemic to the Peruvian rainforest. This delicious, almost tangy tasting fruit is cultivated in India, the Philippines, Australia, Hawai’i, and mostly in tropical regions. Eating soursop and making a tea from the leaves is a lesser known preventative treatment to keep the body healthy, but is empirically proven to reduce the risk of cancer. It is in the same family of custard apples and cherimoya, and is a soft white fruit with a custardy texture.

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How to Use Soursop for Health:

Soursop grows abundantly in Hawai’i. It has “thorns” on the outside which are actually soft, and don’t poke you. The leaves of the plant are also highly medicinal and can be used in addition to eating soursop fruit, to make a healthy tea. The fruit is eaten raw, and you can discard the skin or throw it in your compost. The seeds can be replanted to grow soursop trees, which grow to be huge and incredibly strong.

Taste and Smell of Eating Soursop:

The fruit smells tropical and floral, and to me tastes like green apple candy. It is somewhat sour, but is very sweet, almost like how sour-apple tastes. Eating soursop is an amazing experience and when the fruit is soft and ripe, it has a custard-like texture. The fruit flesh can be removed easily with your fingers, and comes out in natural little pods.

I highly recommend making slushies, smoothies and pops in the freezer with this fruit. Soursop also tastes amazing frozen and then melted a bit, as it gives it an icey-green apple taste/texture.


How Does Eating Soursop Prevent Cancer?:

Research shows that consuming the leaves, roots, stems, and the fruit of soursop can fight tumors. It contains annonaceous acetogenins, a family of polyketides, which help to actually shrink tumors and restore health.

You can read more about the clinical trials on soursop cancer research here.

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How Much Does Soursop Cost?

Soursop ranges in price in each location, but here in Hawai’i I get a decently sized fruit from between $10-$15, and a smaller one for about $8. It depends on the farmer and their prices, but I usually get great prices for this amazing fruit at the farmers markets. It is totally worth the price, for the benefits you get when eating soursop. Eating soursop prevents cancer and shrinks tumors, so to me, it’s a great deal on preventative healthcare.

Watch Samantha Eat Soursop:

If you’re interested in this amazing superfruit and want to see what it looks like when it’s eaten, click here. The link will take you to my youtube channel, specifically my video on eating soursop!

As always, I hope you learned something, and that you’re inspired. I highly recommend trying some soursop if you find it!

All my love,

Samantha xx


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